TSUJI Tomohide

TSUJI Tomohide

Current Practice Areas

Mr. Tomohide Tsuji’s practice focuses on the Preparation and Prosecution of Domestic and International Patent Applications.

Technological Fields
Mr. Tsuji’s experience covers a wide range of technical fields including Machinery, Structure, and Information Processing.

In detail, He has expertise in the areas of Multifunction Devices (transfer belts, toner containers, and control), Automobiles (batteries), Air Conditioners, Medical Equipment, Inflators, Gaskets, and Payment Systems.

Mr. Tsuji qualified as a Japanese Patent Attorney in 2022.


Mr. Tsuji’s careers prior to joining Prezio include:
(i) a member of a Japanese industrial machinery manufacturer, engaged in the research and development of hydraulic products mounted on agricultural machinery (four years),
(ii) a member of a Japanese IP Firm, preparing and prosecuting Domestic Patent Applications in the fields of mechanical systems such as multifunctional devices, automobiles, air conditioners and medical equipment (two years), and
(iii) a member of a Japanese IT and social game company, engaged in the launching of new businesses such as Chinese social game localization, WEB marketing, and DX (three and a half years).

Educational Background

Master of Engineering, Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University