We pursue both happiness of both members' minds and provide the best service to meet the expectations of clients, contribute to the development of society through intellectual property activities.

Management attitude

  • Based on the feelings of love of technology, we will consider what we should do to nurture the client's skills and protect our business, we will do our utmost to create intellectual property that will lead to the future.
  • We provide a rewarding environment that we can feel from the bottom of our heart that the members are free and vigorous environments where each member can fully demonstrate their abilities, "Intellectual property work is fun!"
  • We respond swiftly to changes in the business environment and conduct innovative management in anticipation of the needs of the new era.

Action philosophy

  • Always act on the client's eyes. We always observe the deadlines and promises.
  • We devise ingenuity considering efficiency, propose each other, work together, work together as one.
  • Have pride as an intellectual property expert, determine the client's true needs, propose solutions that respond to those requests until they are satisfied, and propose.
  • Continue studying and research to expand the place of your activity. We also actively work on business that we have never done before.
  • It is never pessimistic because it does not go well, and I am never optimistic because I am progressing smoothly.

HR philosophy

  • Think of the client as a first priority and develop human resources who can provide intellectual property services from the client's perspective.
  • Based on the feelings of love of technology, we will nurture talented persons who can consider themselves and make effective proposals to clients.