Current Practice Areas

Dr. Eika Tachida’s practice focuses on the Preparation and Prosecution of Domestic and International Patent Applications in the fields of Software and Electric/Electronic Engineering.

Technical Fields
Dr. Tachida’s experience covers a wide range of technical fields including Information Processing (Applications, Control of various Devices), Communications, Analogue Circuits, Device Structures and Control of Devices, Inorganic Chemistry, Metals, Machines and Structures thereof, and Mechatronics.

Dr. Tachida holds a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering.
Her expertise and experience in research and development provide her with deep understanding of the invention and an innovative mindset.

From her experience in building measurement systems requiring precise control, Dr. Tachida gained deep understanding of the technologies in Information Processing (control, applications, etc.), Signal Processing, Electronic Circuits, Optical Elements, Optical Sensing, and so forth. She has the ability to imagine and understand the problems concerning these technologies.

Dr. Tachida designed and built measurement apparatuses from which she gained knowledge in the technologies concerning Mechanical Design, Mechanics, Thermal Design, Oscillation, and Material Properties.
She has the ability to imagine and accurately grasp problems concerning these technologies.

Dr. Tachida’s experiences in Evaluation Research targeting Semiconductor Devices, Organic Semiconductor Thin Films, Organic and Inorganic Nanocluster Materials, and her experiences in Device Development using Ferroelectric Sensors and MEMS Sensors provide her with knowledge in electronic material properties and various processing techniques (film deposition, fine processing, surface processing, etc.).

She has experienced research in the field of Surface Science and has knowledge in Physics concerning Surface, Interfaces and Crystals.

Dr. Tachida also has experiences in evaluation and research using various measurement devices (X-ray Analysis, Photoluminescence, Photoelectric Spectroscopy, etc.) and various Microscope Apparatuses (Optical Microscopes, Electron Microscopes, Probe Microscopes, etc.), providing her with deep understanding of the measuring techniques and allowing her to deeply interpret measurement results based on the principle of the measuring techniques.


Dr. Tachida’s careers prior to joining Prezio include:
● a researcher in a Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1) of JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) developing dual-probe atomic microscopy; and ● a researcher of Japan Science and Technology Agency where she conducted research in application of nanocluster materials to devices, and at the same time, a Project Research Associate at Keio University.


Ph.D. in Engineering