Current Practice Areas

Ms. Kei Shimizu’s practice focuses on the Preparation and Prosecution of Domestic and Foreign Applications, Expert Opinions, Invention Mining, and IP Consulting to provide competent expertise to clients.

Technological Fields
Ms. Shimizu’s experience covers a wide range of technical fields including Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Device Structures.

In detail, Ms. Shimizu is well-versed in general areas of Chemistry, Materials, Cosmetics, Foods, Medicine, and Electronic Devices.


Prior to joining Prezio, Ms. Shimizu worked for a major Japanese food manufacturer famous for its amino acid technology, conducting research and development in the area of processed foods and new materials.


Ms. Shimizu is a qualified Specific Infringement Lawsuits Counsel.


● Coauthor. “Patent Strategies and Technological Development Trends in Pharmaceutical Modalities -Nucleic Acid Drugs, Peptides, Next-Generation Antibodies, Gene Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Cell Therapy, etc.-”, Tokyo: Technical Information Institute Co., Ltd., May 2019 (in Japanese).
● Coauthor. “New Patent Practice Manual of Numerical Limitation Inventions and Parameter Inventions – Best Use of Development Results and Measures against Competitors’ Patents”, Tokyo: JOHOKIKO Co., Ltd., August 2018 (in Japanese)
● Coauthor. “How to Deal with Reasons for Rejection in Chemical and Material Patents”, Tokyo: Science & Technology Co., Ltd., February 2017 (in Japanese)
● Coauthor. “Know-How for the Reply to the Notice of Reasons for Rejection”, Tokyo: Science & Technology Co., Ltd., March 2009 (in Japanese).