Managing Partner & Founder


Current Practice Areas

Mr. Shinji Hayami is the founder of Prezio IP Firm and an experienced Patent Attorney. Mr. Hayami’s practice encompasses all aspects of intellectual property law, handling Domestic and International Prosecutions, IP Litigations, Oppositions, Expert Opinion Work, IP Consulting, and IP Valuation in the technical fields including Chemistry, Materials, Devices, and Software. Mr. Hayami is also a frequent lecturer on the Japanese patent law and IP-related issues and has spoken at a number of events in Japan and Europe.


1. Researcher for leading Chemical Manufacturer in Japan

Prior to his legal career, Mr. Hayami researched and developed new products including electronic materials, resin molds, paint raw materials, and paper coatings for mass production. These products have been adopted and penetrated in many industrial sectors and companies as valued products.

His experience working for the chemical manufacturer provided Mr. Hayami with deep knowledge in the areas of Designs for Epoxy-containing Products, Surface Modification Technology for Inorganic Particles, Resin Molding, Thermal Stress Reduction Technology, Computer Simulation, Polymerization and Control of Polymer Properties, Scaling Up Strategies, Filing and Prosecution of Patent Applications, and IP Strategies against Competitors.

2. Patent Practitioner/Patent Attorney

Mr. Hayami started his career as patent practitioner/patent attorney at a major IP firm in Japan, focusing primarily on the Prosecution of Domestic and International Patent Applications, Appeals, and Litigations.
At the firm, Mr. Hayami gained substantial international prosecution experience and has made several visits to clients in Europe, giving lectures on Japanese patent practices such as the revision of the Japanese Patent Law.
He has also frequently spoken at seminars for patent practitioners and researchers in domestic and international companies.


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